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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The tales of the bird and the forest god

 Gomenasai everyone and here is what I Ken-Sama have promised you in the last poll a look into Japanese females Ken-Sama first would like to show you a picture of the beauty of these women.

Ken-Sama now shall tell you of a dark secret of the Strong Japanese woman.

Even it affects 2D, be wary my friends if you are like Ken-Sama you will embrace their original form and their new form. It's what my sensei has always said do not let that of women hold you back instead you hold them back and treat them with respect and honor. Before body modifications and plastic surgery which some of the Japanese women do, they will both look beautiful and elegant either way. Ken-Sama shall tell you a tale of the lonely bird 

The lonely bird chirps and chirps but nothing is heard.
The lonely bird sees other birds with mates. 
The sad bird prays to the god of the forest.
The bird is granted intelligence and with that the bird decides to splatter it's wings with color.
Now the bird is attracting more mates than before.

You must be questioning Ken-Sama at this point but Ken-Sama shall tell you. Make-up and beauty supplies or plastic surgery is meant to get them to attract you so how shall Ken-Sama put it to you in this.

Do not give up hope my friends, the Japanese females are doing this to attract you so they can get married and become an honorable wife. I Ken-Sama do not need a wife right now because my training and my needing of a VISA. So remember even in both realms 2D and 3D Japanese females shall desire you, as they all are the lonely bird. Make sure you show them your honor and courage. Also, many of you may not know but Remilia Scarlet is a big user of this way to attract mates, but she uses it to devour her pray. REMEMBER TOMODACHI DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CERTAIN WOMEN THEY SHALL DEVOUR YOU AND YOUR HONOR. I KEN-SAMA SHALL WARN YOU OF THIS BEFOREHAND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM BOW TO YOU IN THEIR HONOR FIRST.

Remember these important secrets everyone that Ken-Sama has taught you.

I wish honor upon all of you



  1. The 'lonely bird', wow..

    Thankyou for all this advice. It gives me a lot to think about.

  2. Thank you for your insight on Japanese women, Ken-sama. I will remember this.

  3. Women were always a mystery to me until now. Leave it to Ken-Sama to rekindle my faith and simultaneously frighten me from the female species.

  4. I chuckled, thanks for the warning Ken-sama.

  5. This all seems so hard to follow, Ken-sama! Women are nearly invincible demons.

  6. Great advice as always, Ken-Sama.
    One must be ever vigilant around women, lest they diminish you of your honor.

  7. Oh Ken-sama...once again, you've made such an amusing post. I do find that you have explained the female spirit with intricate detail. Allow me to add on more from a female perspective. It is the duty of the women to bear children in order continue the survival of our race though many women of the younger generation have learned to diverge from the true purpose of make-up. They use make-up in a way, similar to Remilia, to attract and harm their "prey". It is a growing aspect, even in Japan, where it's because of the women, of the younger generation, that the population is on decline. I'm not saying your viewers should give up hope, but to gain the courage to take the initiative to go after the women they truly love, instead of having to wait for us.

    Yours Truly,


  8. You are wise to concentrate on your training so that you may repel any tomfoolery, Ken-sama.

  9. Many women use make-up because it makes them feel good about themselves. Not every Japanese woman (or every woman) is just going after a man. :/

  10. This is fucking gold *wipes tear*

  11. Fuck you Ken Sama, Fuck you and your fucking spirit