The Art of Bushido Ken-Samas Art

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watashi Wa Ken-Sama desu

I Ken-Sama have practiced my art to match that of Studio Ghibli standards here is an example of a quick sketch I Ken-Sama have done

This is Ange Ushiromiya-San

I did this in a matter of seconds as it is no big deal to I! Ken-Sama

Though I use a cheap tablet as of now, this brings great dishonor to my animation skills. I hope to one day own a Intous 4 tablet desu. Until then I shall sit sip my Japanese tea and wear my Kimono and prepare for when I one day move to Japan.

IケンSamaはここのスタジオのGhibliの標準のそれに一致させるために私の芸術をである速いスケッチIケンSamaの例した練習した これはAnge Ushiromiyaサンである 私はそれがIへ大事ではないのでこれをあっという間にした! ケンSama 私が安いタブレットを現在使用するけれども、これは私の生気の技術に大きい不名誉を持って来る。 私は1日に所有するIntous 4のタブレットのdesuを望む。 その時まで私は一口を私の日本の茶坐らせ、私の着物を身に着け、そして日本にのために時I日移動準備する。


  1. OH LORD, I lost it Ken... you really know how to draw those women.

  2. Ken-sama you art is a blessing from the gods

  3. I wish cherish this image for all time.

  4. Wow, this is great! You're drawing skill is truly superb, Ken-sama!

  5. Keep it up and those high schools will open their doors for you, Ken-sama.

  6. I enjoy this.
    Great work Ken-sama.

  7. すみません、でも。。。all of the females I know don't blush when they tell others it was their period...
    And they don't say it with a strange loving tone either...
    So I'm a bit scared of who you're associating with =_=;;

    (actually, i don't know anyone who tells others it's their period)

  8. ごめん、あなたの線描きがとてもひどくて。やっぱり、ほんとですか?。 あなたがNEETだ。ガルフレンドを見つけてください。あんたはアメリカのぼけだ。