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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Greetings everyone

I have the results of the poll everyone

I Ken-Sama and Yukari Yakumo have tied it seems I need to display my studio Ghibili animation skills and draw them for you the people who have voted. Please look forward to my work.

As of right now I Ken-Sama will show you what type of sword I have, no pictures yet but one I find that will make you understand my Japanese spirit.

I have a similar sword but my swords name is Sakura Cherry-Sama, she always assists me in my practice of Bushido. 

For you Baka Gaijins who do not understand Bushido I shall post a list of what Bushido is.

Seven virtues of Bushidō

The Bushidō code is typified by seven virtues:
  • Rectitude ( gi)
  • Courage ( )
  • Benevolence ( jin)
  • Respect ( rei)
  • Honesty ( makoto)
  • Honor (名誉 meiyo)
  • Loyalty (忠義 chūgi)

Associated virtues

  • Filial piety ( )
  • Wisdom ( chi)
  • Care for the aged ( tei)

If you have questions or concerns expressing your Japanese Spirit please list them and I will answer them in the next blog post. Then I shall continue with my first impressions of this seasons Anime and then blog about each episode. I Ken-Sama have alot of work ahead of me so remember everyone.

Gomenasai I am Ken-Sama

私は投票の結果を皆有する 私が投票した人々私のスタジオのGhibiliの生気の技術を表示し、あなたのための引く必要があることをI Yakumoがそれを結んだ由香里およびケンSamaはようである。 私の仕事に先に見なさい。 今私は現在でケンSamaどのような剣が私にあるか、映像示さないけれどもしかし私の日本の精神を理解させる私が見つける1つ。 私に同じような剣があるが、私の剣の名前は佐倉チェリーSama、彼女常に助けるBushidoの私の練習の私をである。 あなたのためにBushidoがであるもののBaka GaijinsはBushidoを私理解しないリストを掲示する。 Bushidōの7美徳 Bushidōコードは7美徳によって代表される: 正直さ(義のGI) 勇気(勇のyū) 慈善(仁ジン) 点(礼のrei) 正直者(誠のmakoto) 名誉(名誉のmeiyo) 忠誠(忠義のchūgi) 準の美徳 雑種の敬愛(孝のkō) 知恵(智のキー) 老化するのための心配(悌のtei) それらをリストするためにあなたの日本の精神を表現する質問または関連事項をおよび有すれば私は次のブログのポストのそれらに答える。 それから次に私は各エピソードについてのこの季節の日本製アニメそしてブログの私の第一印象に続く。 IケンSamaに私に先んじる多くの仕事がある従って皆を覚えなさい。 Gomenasai私はケンSamaである


  1. Thank you, Ken-sama, for your words of wisdom. From now on, I shall apply Bushidō to my everyday life.

    As for any questions, no I have no questions, but I am looking forward to your posts!

  2. Ken-sama, your posts bring much joy.
    Sakura Cherry-Sama is a wonderful name

  3. How do I find out my bushido spirit :O.... also, when i had Aikido, it was called MAKOTO DOUJO, as in, HONESTY DOUJO

  4. I'm not sure why I find your posts so damn interesting. I always end up with a retarded grin on my face after finishing.

  5. No way?! Silly Hats, I also went to Makoto Dojo for Aikido when I was younger! In relation to the post, I understand that you apply Bushido to your everyday life, but how exactly do you apply it?

  6. Ken-sama and Yukari in an epic battle.

  7. Ken-Sama your way of life is an inspiration to me. I wish to model my life around your teachings. I await all and any updates.

  8. Shinra-sama, are you serious? What a small world. Sensei Reynosa is awesome.

  9. Indeed. I went there for about 5 years. I've gone to his summer training sessions at Shadow Ranch, been in in the child, teen, and adult classes, and have done his weekend bokken and jo training sessions.