The Art of Bushido Ken-Samas Art

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Battle of the Rising Sun

  Gomenasai everyone I Ken-Sama shall inform you all of my righteous and virtuous battle.

I stood down and waited for the little Gaijins they came at me staring at me first and then they decided to act upon their evil demon intentions. But, I Ken-Sama was ready as I meditated and prepared my body for the oncoming assault. They kept throwing their eggs at me. I took boxes after boxes even a piece of lunch meat.My trusted sword lay in front of my watching the assault take place. I turned into a state of zen much like in Japan when you sit in the classroom of a high school and have everyone stare at you because of how strong of a Japanese man you are. I scared them off so it seems I KEN-SAMA have remained victorious and when they ran out of eggs. I stood up firm and yelled like how Norio Wakamoto would. This tiny Gaijin baby looked at me and then proceeded to have tears of joy in my efforts of getting rid of the demons. and with further ado everyone here is the picture I Ken-Sama promised. Also I wish all of you good health and a happy Rising Sun day.

On another note everyone I feel a bit tired from the relentless assault that took place. So I Ken-sama feel that my picture below can show you the extreme pain and attacks the gaijins have done to me. Notice in the hair it look just colored. My picture upon close inspection of Yukari-Sama and Ken-Sama look odd and weird in both artistic value and colors and odd anatomy. That is because I Ken-Sama wanted to make it feel how I am feeling right now. If you find my Studio Ghibli art to be faulty than best wishes to you as it represents my emotions.

Gomenasaiは私の公正な、有徳の戦いを皆IケンSamaすべて知らせる。 私は身を引き、それらが私を最初に凝視している私に来たそれから邪悪な鬼の意思に機能することにした小さいGaijinsを待ち。 しかし私が近づいて来る攻撃のために黙想し、私のボディを準備したので、IケンSamaは準備ができていた。 それらは私で卵を投げ続けた。 私は箱の後で箱に昼食肉の部分を取った。私の攻撃の監視の前の私の信頼された剣の位置は起こる。 私は日本のと同じように禅の状態に凝視して日本の人の強いいかにのためにあるか高等学校の教室に坐り、皆をあなたをもらうとき回った。 私はそれらをを離れておびえさせた従ってI KEN-SAMAが勝利に残ったときに卵を使い果たしたことをそれはようで。 私はNorio Wakamotoがいかにのようにかしっかりし、叫ばれて立った。 Gaijinのこの小さい赤ん坊は私を見、次に鬼を追い払うことの私の努力の喜びの破損を持つことを進んだ。 そしてそれ以上の騒ぎとここに皆は約束される映像IケンSamaである。


  1. Did you attack the little bastards back? Thats what I would have done.

  2. An inspiring tale indeed.
    I'm glad you were able to defend your home and your honor.

  3. I did not lay a finger upon the demons. They came close I gave them a glare that can give a full grown man a thousand heart attacks. The only loss of this battle was my tablet breaking.

  4. >yelled like how Norio Wakamoto would

    You truly are a men among men.

  5. >I gave them a glare that can give a full grown man a thousand heart attacks.

    Do you have a name for this technique?

    Don't worry, Ken-sama. All of your artworks are emotional masterpieces.

  6. You are an inspiration to us all Ken-sama.

  7. I don't know if I can ever be a true warrior like you.

    Your stories are the only reason I get out of bed every day.

  8. You fought with true Japanese honor, Ken-sama.