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Monday, November 1, 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

Gomenasai everyone and welcome to the series of blogs I will be doing of my first impressions on the results of the poll I put up in earlier days.

        The visuals through this OVA make Ken-Sama weep with tears that should be for my long lost grandfather. All I must say is this is true Japanese strength in animation.

    The story starts out as any normal type of Railgun setting with the girl-chans arresting each other or something amongst similar Japanese lines.
The sky sees everything but it also is clouded, do not believe everything with such clear vision.
Yes Saten-San you are looking saddened at the stat of one of your Upperclassmen-Sama in a flurry of anxiety and bewilderment.

First Impression: I loved this I encourage everyone to pick this up, this is an easy watch and you will have a wonderful time of enjoying this Japanese anime for Otakus such as Ken-Sama.



Please everyone listen to Ken-Sama and follow your heart. Watch this while you drink tea and wear a Kimono. Also please end names with honorifics to show respect.

There will be no Japanese this time for my Japanese fans, as I used a sub instead of a raw.

Many Apologies



  1. 10/10 great review.

    Thank you for your great contribution, Ken-sama!

    >Watch this while you drink tea and wear a Kimono.

    This is the only way to watch anything.

  2. Ken-Sama, I shall indeed watch this OVA, but where might one go about finding a properly made Kimono? I too wish to be filled with Japanese spirit.

  3. I often get asked the question where I get my stylish outfits and elegant Kimonos. I have but one simple site for you.

    This is where Ken-Sama shops and if you go here you can feel like Ken-Sama and if you need a place to buy a Japanese tea ceremony kit try here

    It fills me with great vigor to know that you wish to embark on the quest to be filled with Japanese Spirit. This is a long task but anyone can do it. I Ken-Sama have endured the Gaijins but I came out with my body made of steel and blood filled with fire.