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Monday, November 1, 2010

Love and Reflection the waves of tranquility and destruction

 I Ken-Sama have sought love out and tried many a time to get that special Ojou-Sama or that quiet Chan that sits alone by the Cherry tree.

But alas, I Ken-Sama always get an Answer that doesn't hit me where my heart is. Sometimes I gaze upon the night sky and wish for everyone that I have touched and whoever likes me or hates me to live a noble and happy life. The smell of a new month always makes I Ken-Sama, to sit outside and gaze upon the sky. I reflect upon my actions, choices and ways I must punish myself for neglecting certain aspects of what I need to do each day. I Ken-Sama one day will have to die and face down the grim reaper in a final battle of the sorts at noon when the sun rises in Kyoto. I just would like to give honor to everyone who comments on Ken-Samas posts. The posts all of you make, each of them are special to me. I read them very carefully and make full note on how I can share something with each of you. One day when I move to Japan I will be able to follow my dreams.

Many apologies about this post, I just enjoy reflecting upon myself at each month and in celebration of Culture Day November 3rd. 

Again many apologies if I have sounded less like  Japanese Warrior

Also my sorries go out to my Japanese fans this post will not be translated but the next update will.



  1. You are immortal, Ken-sama. Don't talk to us like that ;_;

  2. Dude, Ken-sama, as a person striving to learn the art of Kanji, I was wondering why you didn't post the Japanese translation in this one?

  3. I did not know the 3rd of November is Culture Day. Thanks for the heads up, Ken-sama!

  4. =(
    Culture day, I was not aware of this.

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