The Art of Bushido Ken-Samas Art

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walking through the paths of flames

  Ken-Sama always wakes up at the crack of dawn so Ken-Sama can practice Japanese things, I Ken-Sama walked into town today. I always greet my elders with honorifics and they seem to ignore Ken-Sama, I think they do this because Ken-Sama is always so polite and they do not know what to say with such nobleness and courage. Even the kids in the mall point and and look at Ken-Sama when I buy my Japanese games from a Nihongo store. Ken-Sama draws many attention, I think this is because they admire Ken-Sama. Even the Gaijin teenage girls seem to look at Ken-Sama and laugh, I Ken-Sama walk proudly and know that I Ken-Sama am looked up to in my baka gaijin community that I cannot wait to leave when I finally get my glorious VISA.

Ken-Sama shall conclude the poll today until much later after I Ken-Sama meditate

This is just a tiny bit of the impact I Ken-Sama make when I walk with the Gaijins.


  1. The baka gaijin in your community are lucky to have such an influence in thier lives, Ken-Sama. I wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of your VISA.

  2. The world needs more like you, Ken-sama.

  3. Did you light their bosoms afire with your steely courage?

  4. People do admire you ken-sama :3